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My Resume:

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Resume PDF
Resume Word Doc

French Verbs:

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681 Most Common French Verbs Reference Guide
681 Most Common French Verbs Reference Guide without highlighting

Accenter Software:

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Accenter Distribution Zip

Neural Network Package for C++:

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Optimized Neural Network Library for C++


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Microsphere Interpolation Thesis PDF
Microsphere Interpolation Powerpoint Presentation
AI Conference Paper for Game Theoretic Solution to Poker
Paper Detailing Parallel Implementation of Large-Size Sudoku Creation


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"Saturday Evening"
Mix - Super Ultra Mega Mix
Mix - Pirates of the Carribean
Mix - Invisible War
Sample Loops - 40 second #1 , 40 second #2


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Flame Fractal Animation: 1024.zip , 512.zip , 512.avi
Only Time Will Tell: 800.zip , 640.zip , 640.avi