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waveform being editedI've always had an interest in music, and after hearing several inspiring music scores by Hanz Zimmer, I decided to take some of his work and creatively remix it into some awesome dramatic musical compositions. Since then, I've used material from many artists and many styles of music. On this page are several compositions created using a piecemeal array of dramatic overtures selected from various composers.

If you like these compositions, or have any comments/questions/suggestions, please feel free to send me an email - I'd be happy to hear from you.

Super-Ultra-Mega Mix

This project was started many years ago when I first had the inspiration to combine dramatic sections of music from different sources into one overly-dramatic piece. It's original intended use was for background music while playing online video games, however it has since morphed into an ongoing pet project that I continue to add to whenever a new piece strikes my fancy.

Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash the original version of the Super-Ultra-Mega Mix was lost. I have since been slowly recreating a new, better version which is presented here.

This composition is perpetually incomplete and therefore has no succinct finish, as you will notice when listening. However, its overly-dramatic tenor is cool while it lasts. Check back every now and then to see if I've added any more to the piece.


Pirates of the Caribbean Mix

Klaus Bedelt is an awesome composer, and he did a superb job with the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. However, after listening to the soundtrack, I was disappointed because the main powerful driving theme that is behind most of the score is not well represented on the soundtrack. Using bits and pieces from various parts of the score, I was able to put together this lengthy and nearly seamless composition.

This song is a lot of fun to listen to. Be careful though not to let it get stuck in your head - it'll be there for days.


Invisible War Mix

This is a composition built from the score for a game I played called Deus Ex: Invisible War. The piece is a composition of several individual songs from the score. It's not very long, but pretty cool.



Just some cool dramatic loops.

40sec2.mp3 is used as the background to the fractal animation on the video projects page.