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Page Rank by Felipe Lalli

A few years ago, Google introduced a new SEO concept called Page Rank or Pagerank. Basically, page rank gives Google another means of evaluating sites besides simply content. By evaluating each webpage on a scale of 1-10, Google is able to easily prioritize which sites to display in search results. Among pages with similar or equivelant content, higher Page Ranked pages appear closer to the top in Google's search results.

Page Rank is calculated via a recursive algorithm that initially starts all of the pages in a web site at equal value. In each iteration of the algorithm, rank is distributed from one page to another based on what links the pages have. A page's rank 'flows' from one page to the next via links. The more links to a certain page within your site, the more likely that page will tend to 'pool' or 'collect' the rank from the other pages.

For a breif tutorial on the algorithm specifics, visit:
This guy has done a really great job explaining this deceivingly simple algorithm.

You can also visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank for the wikipedia take on the subject.

This tool is no longer working :(

Determine Your Page Rank

Get Page Rank for a Website
Website URL (ex: www.pagerank.com)



- OR -

Get Page Ranks for a Search Query:
Search Term (ex: "seo tools")


- OR -

Get Page Ranks for a list of URLs:
Each line is a new URL (max:100)


How "What's My Page Rank" Works

By using one of the three forms above, you are able to:

  • Determine what the page rank is for the pages of your website
  • Determine your competitors pagerank
  • Find the pagerank of the people who link to you
  • See the page ranks of the top results from a search query
  • or simply get the pagerank info for specific pages.

Once the results of your query are displayed, you are able to click on the results and browse the pages if you want. Also, with a single click, you are able to determine how those pages got their page rank by seeing what pages link to them. To do this, click on the "See page ranks of pages linking here" link in the search results.

As a quick warning, if you issue a query asking for 50+ results, it will take about 5 seconds to generate the results... mabye a little more depending on the conditions. Just give it time, it'll work.